|HQ| Heated Debate : Is Jesus God – - Ahmed Deedat VS Stanley Sjoberg.

Big Debate : Is Jesus God – - Ahmed Deedat VS Stanley Sjoberg.

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  1. Dappadadog the miracle of Mohammed is his followers don’t eat pig drink liquor but even now jesus miracle don’t work free *** consume pig dog liquor just like you do coz you love satanic religion jesus hula hula.

  2. The pastor look nervous and don’t have equal quality about the topic to support his faith but Deedat is more proficient in christianity, more focus systemically answer what topic is what answers for every question is, not talk out of context seems trying to escape from lack of knowledge, very very bad you already lost even before talking on the stage. Idiot pastor!

  3. Friend , you don’t belong to any religion ” you say “! but you were born a MUSLIM which simply means ‘ you came into existence submitting to the Will of ALLAH “God Almighty ” . In Arabic it means ” MUSLIM ” .

    You agree Jesus p.b.u.h is just a man ” absolutely right ” but you say Muhammed p.b.u.h was not a prophet ?

    PROOFS please ! .

    Peace .

  4. i came into existence because my parents had *** with the purpose of getting my mother pregnant and actually keeping the child ;)…every member of the animal kingdom does that(apart from concensual abortion)nothing special or miraculous about it…it’s just what we call NATURE,so i quess i “submitted” to the will of my parents just like everyone else on the planet…and yes muhammed was not a prophet simply because he DIDN’T PROPHESIZE ANYTHING and performed no miracles,he was just a guy ;)

  5. and the proofs depend on you…you’re the one who believes in all these stuff…i’m cool ;)

  6. Allow me to DEBUNK your first FALSE claim that you came into existence because of your parent’s will ;

    Islam is an Arabic words & connotes submission , surrender & obedience . As a religion , Islam stands for complete submission & obedience to ALLAH.

    You can see that we live in an orderly universe , where everything is assigned a place in a grand scheme . The moon , the stars , and all the heavenly bodies are knit in a magnificent system .

  7. They follow unalterable laws & make not even the slightest deviation from their ordained courses .Similarly , everything in the world , from the minute whirling electron to the mighty nebulae , invariably follows its own laws.Matter , energy & life – all obey their laws and grow and change and live and die in accordance with those laws. Even in the human world the laws of nature are paramount . Man’s birth , growth , and life are all regulated by a set of biological laws.

  8. He derives sustenance from nature in accordance with an unalterable law.All the organs of his body , from the smallest tissues to the heart and the brain , are governed by laws prescribed for them . In short , our is a law -governed universe and everything in it is following the course had been ordained for it.

  9. This powerful , all -pervasive law , which governs all that compress the universe , from the finest specks of dust to the magnificent galaxies of the heavens , is the law of ALLAH , the Creator and Ruler of the Universe . As the whole of creation obeys the law of God , the whole universe , therefore , literally follows the RELIGION of ISLAM , for ISLAM signifies nothing but OBEDIENCE & SUBMISSION to ALLAH , the LORD of the Universe .

  10. The sun , the moon, the earth and all other heavenly bodies are thus ” MUSLIM” . So are the air , water , heat , stones , trees and animals . Everything in the universe is ” MUSLIM ” for it obeys God by SUBMISSION to His laws.

    Even YOU who refuses to believe in GOD Almighty , or may be worship ” your money or that girlfriend of yours ” I mean someone other than ALLAH , has necessarily to be a ” MUSLIM ” as far as your existence is concerned .

  11. For your ENTIRE life , from the EMBRYONIC stage to your body’s dissolution into dust after your death , every tissue of your muscles and every limb of your body FOLLOWS the course prescribed by GOD’s law . Your very tongues which , on account of your IGNORANCE advocates the denial of ALLAH is in its very nature ” MUSLIM ” . Your heart , which , through of your lack of KNOWLEDGE , cherishes love & reverence for others , is MUSLIM by intuition .
    Try refute this bowy!

  12. and yes muhammed was not a prophet simply because he DIDN’T PROPHESIZE ANYTHING and perfumed no miracles ,he was just a guy ;) U say !

    Congratulations :- @least u believe there was some called Muhammed existed .

    By the Will of the One Supreme ALLAH ,I will squash this FALSE claim made by the IGNORANTS ” your likes ” this time tomorrow as my time now doesn’t permit ,but be prepared bowy to beat my challenges because I don’t like to see you hiding under your mummys mini skirt!

  13. who said that i dont believe in god?that’s your conclusion…i never said that i dont believe in a force that we call god,i said i’m irreligious,i dont follow any religion..also somewhere in the universe as we speak there are stars that are on a collison course or are colliding with other…what does that mean to you?…i’m sorry you are very hard to follow,i prefer to go search stuff about bertrand russell right now…you can stick to your muhhamed ;)

  14. Are my posts irritating you now bowy ! I thought so !!!

    Have a good day bowy !

  15. so had my parents not chose to have *** and create me through the mix of their dna’s…god would’ve created me anyway?or was i allready created?allready existing before my mother conceived me?where was i? i think you just babbling on like a broken record…you dont say any meaningfull…i’m sorry i cant follow people like you,it just…you know…dosent compute ;)keep your religion to yourself and dont bother anyone if he or she dont bother you…simple…tell that to your fellow muslims

  16. no…you see you have preconceived notions again…you see it’s all in that little brain of yours…they dont irritate me…i think amusingly bore me to death is more like it…you dont know me,i dont know you…end of story ;)yeah you too…have a good day as well,go find someone whom you can answer their questions ;)

  17. hiding?this the internet you stupid religious buffoon,everyone can watch anything and say his or her opinion,what are going to do?strap yourself in tnt and blow me up?yeah that’s not hiding LOL and you’re not paying attention…i believe there was the man called jesus also,i just dont believe that he was god,also my mother is 62 years old and slightly overweight…i dont think she would to appealing in a mini skirt…what about you mom?what does she wear under that kuklux ninja uniform?;)

  18. Is it not an insult to the intelligence & the Creator who gave you this intelligence ? Indeed you are truly ‘ deaf & blind ” despite the faulty of hearing & sight given to you by ALLAH !

    ” DEAF , DUNMB , AND BLIND , they will not return ( to the path ) Al-Quran 2:18 .

    Trying to teach you something is like teaching some1 with learning difficulties .
    What a waste of time talking to a brick wall ! Can NOT answer any of my questions but babbling buffoon .

    .Goodbye .

  19. i cant…i quess i must be a muslim ;)

  20. you didnt make any questions you idiot…you just made statements based on your religious point of view,i think i was the one asking the questions and you all knowledgeable and aaaaaall wise muslim should have provided the answers…(what about stars colliding with each other?)you havent provided anything worth noticing there for *deaf dumb(without the n) and blind?*LOL sure…it’s a good thing to take some of your advice from time to time…bye bye now ;)

  21. * NEVER I said you don’t believe in God in reply to your comment ” who said I don’t believe in God ” – For of a surety you don’t believe in God Almighty ” ALLAH ” .

    Who said, you must be a muslim !!!!! I can not make you a MUSLIM , only ALLAH guides those who are sincere ,seeking the truth besides conversion is by the HEART & the TONGUE .

    You either have a problem in understanding or reading English or both .

  22. ok…so we can leave all of that to god i quess…only god can judge us…so sit down and take your STFU pill ;)also i wouldn’t be able to read english…better yet type in them and have this little amusing conversation with you if i didnt understand them now would i?i may have a problem,all humans have more or less…at least it’s not an iq one,my iq is pretty good it’s in the 130′s,that’s above average…thank god :)

  23. Thanks for the **** you posted .

    Back to the question which you are UNABLE to answer & keep hiding under ur mummy’s mini skirt .

    I asked you to PROOF to me that Muhammed p.b.u.h was not a prophet . Your half baked answer was he didn’t perform miracles or prophesied anything .!
    Im asking ,from where did you come up with conclusion ??? I can do the same ( the one you call your mother , did not give birth to you ) obviously u will ask ,where are my proofs ?

  24. I didn’t say you were, I myself am not “religious” but I have done studying.

  25. Mr. Stanley, just show one versus where Jesus claimed divinity or says worship me.
    You can’t Mr. Stanley, because Jesus never claimed divinity, Jesus will confirm on his second coming.

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